Organic Farming

Organic farming relies on the principle of managing naturally occurring biological cycles to provide soil fertility and control weeds, pests and diseases instead of using agrochemicals.

Managing an organic farm requires a holistic whole farm approach that encourages all the complex relationships between soils, micro-organisms, plants and animals to work together effectively alongside a stress free farmer to achieve a productive and sustainable farming system. work very closely with Organic Farmers and Growers to engage farmers with organic farming principles, international standards and the organic certification process required to farm organically and sell organically certified farm produce.

You can obtain following services about organic farming from

• Business and conversion planning

• Organic Tea, coconut, cinnamon and other export crops

• Sustainable arable cropping

• Weeds, pests and disease management

• Fresh produce marketing

• Organic standards, regulation and certification

I have listed just some of organic farming services above which are providing by, but please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your own specific requirements