The transfer of agricultural knowledge from research into farming practice is a constant requirement for our industry to develop new ways of working and thinking. Knowledge transfer is seen by many worldwide organizations and governments as a key innovation and area that requires more government and professional support to encourage best practice farming for air soil and water quality.  

arunasiri.com provide some of this innovation by carrying out farm based training to individuals and group workshops on behalf of NGOs INGOs , Schools and many of the national and international leading farming organizations.

You can obtain following Agricultural extension services from arunasiri.com

• Content development for agriculture projects

• Training programs for farmers

• On-farm workshops and field demonstrations

• Crop clinics

• Agricultural research dissemination

• Producer groups and forums

• Project and event management

• Conference support services

I have listed just some of conservation services above which are providing by arunasiri.com, but please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your own specific requirements.